Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tinmouth Vermont and Leete/Leets

The children of Roland Gideon Leete (1708-1767), number 51 in the ’34 book, were among the first Leetes to leave the New Haven County area for parts north and west. One town of interest to me, because it is in my direct line of ancestry, is Tinmouth, Vermont. When I lived in Burlington I found the gravestones for Mercy Dudley, the wife of Roland, about 5 miles from where I lived. That really got me started in this “hobby” of genealogy. Within two generations, this branch of the family ended up in Michigan as one of the early Michigan settlers.

Tinmouth is located in Rutland, County, more or less in the southern part of the state. A map:


One interesting document I found was a record of a Revolutionary War Record, showing that an Asahel Leet joined Capt. Shubael Griswold’s company and fought in the campaign from Crown Point to Montreal:


The names on this list rang a bell: Frisbie, Woodruff, Stone… It struck me that what probably happened is that Asahel went through the Tinmouth area during the Rev War and he and a group of his friends and relatives moved to Tinmouth after the war.

Recently I contacted the Tinmouth Town Clerk. She sent me some documents, including this death records from one of the churches:


Notice Asahel Leete near the bottom, as well as his son Abner.
Another document she sent was a land record:


This is a sale of land after Asahel’s death. The date is 1806. Note the namesof Polly Leet, Sally, Leet, John Leet, and Noah Leet.

Then there is a list of gravestones in the a local cemetery:




Bingo! Hoadley- signer of the Guilford Covenant and next door neighbor of the Leetes on Leete’s Island…. Rogers, going all the way back to the Puritan Civil War in England, Mulford, married to Noah Rogers Leet… oh, and where did the Rogers come from!

So Tinmouth was settled at least in part by a large group of relations to the Leets/Leetes. Here’s the list I have so far:


Thank you, Gale!

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